Empanadas.io API

Last Updated on February 26th, 2021

Jeff the Giraffe

Jeff fetches his daily messages from a JSON file that contains:

Current Message Endpoint:


All Messages Endpoint:

Need all of jeffs messages?


The JSON formatting for the jeff_history endpoint works by using the message ID's at the start of each path. The timestamp argument kept outside of the ID scope.

Global Stats

Empanadas.io can return a JSON file that sums up all data from all accounts.



System Status API

To prevent our status page from going offline when our origin server does, we use a 3rd party service to monitor and report incidents and outages. We can not see or monitor any API requests made to these endpoints. Seperate privacy policies, usage limits, and terms do apply.

You may view the seperate API for our status page here.

Helpful Tips

We give NO GUARANTEE that these methods won't have breaking changes. Basically, we want you to know that we may abruptly update our APIs, change their paths, change what they return, change how much they return, or some other form of change that could result in whatever calls you make to our services to break your application. By using our API, you understand this side-effect. We will try our best to bump the v number when breaking changes are made. At the moment v1 is the latest version. Directory listing is enabled on our api sub-domain, so feel free to use this in finding what you're looking for!

Request Limits

Since all of our APIs are cached on a CDN for 2 hours: All of our public API requests have no request limits. Should you suspect your applications traffic will exceeding normal expectations, we encourage you to implement caching techniques accordingly. Should you abuse our services, your access to our website and API will be revoked accordingly.

Questions About Our APIs?

Need help? Have a question? Join our discord or fill our our contact form and our lovely Empanada team would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.